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New Product From Tata Steel To Reduce Automotive Component’s Weight

Tata Steel has developed an innovative new product for automotive manufacturers in response to market requirements for stronger and lighter steels.



The new product, DP1000HY-GI*, is a high-yield, ultra high-strength steel, which combines strength and formability and allows manufacturers to make lighter components without altering their production facilities. The material is ideally suited for the crash-protection structure of a vehicle. Tata Steel is one of a very small number of steelmakers to be able to offer this innovative product, which can reduce a component’s weight by up to 15 per cent.



DISA Shows The Latest Developments In Foundry Technology Through Symposiums

DISA India organised three different symposiums in Coimbatore and Kolkata between June 24 and July 01 this year.



On June 24, it was a symposium on DISA CORE 20FP at Coimbatore. The symposium witnessed participation from more than 90 delegates across 43 companies – such as Brakes India Ltd, Aquasub Engg, Lava cast, Cast & Blower, Sandfits, LMW, PSG, Texmaco, CRI, SE Forge, ELGI, Ranba Castings, Texmo and others. Those who showed keen interest in DISA Cold Box Core Shooter, DISA took the liberty of arranging a visit for the small group of key prospective clients from across categories from Coimbatore foundry belt to demonstrate the operation of the DISA CORE 20FP.



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Wohlers Report 2014 Indicates 76% Growth In Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) systems for metal parts are increasing in popularity, according to Wohlers Report 2014. The worldwide study includes industry growth, competitive products and services, and a futuristic view on an industry that is creating unprecedented interest and excitement.

Wohlers Report 2014 marks only the second time for the company to publish detailed information on metal based AM machine unit sales by year. The attached chart shows that 348 of these machines were sold in 2013, compared to 198 in 2012—growth of an impressive 75.8 per cent.

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Mini, Compact 3D Printers From MakerBot Hit The Market

MakerBot originally announced the MakerBot Replicator Mini at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January. The 3D printer is now being shipped to the customers.


“As soon as we announced the MakerBot Replicator Mini, we received calls and orders from customers who couldn’t wait to purchase this easy and affordable 3D printer,” noted Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot.


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Shifting The Paradigm Towards Practical Manufacturing

Sheet metal forming simulation bridges the world of design with practical manufacturing. Simulation helps determine whether a particular sheet metal can be formed into the desired shape with a particular process, before actually taking up the job in workshop. This eliminates chances of failure.

Sheet metal forming is a combination of many complementary processes that are used to form sheet metal parts. One or more of these processes is used to take a flat sheet of ductile metal and mechanically apply deformation forces that alter the shape of the material. Compared to casting and forging, sheet-metal parts offer the advantages of lightweight and versatile shapes.

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MIT Invents New Technique to Convert Polyethylene into Heat-conducting Material

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a new technique to transform the widely used polymer, polyethylene, into a material that conducts heat just as well as most metals and yet remains an electrical insulator.

Most polymers are very good insulators for both heat and electricity.

The new process causes the polymer to conduct heat in just one direction, unlike metals, which conduct equally well in all directions. This may make the new material especially useful for applications where it is important to draw heat away from an object, such as a computer processor chip.

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Cranfield University Develops New Welding Technique

Cranfield University has developed a new welding technique for manufacturing horizontal and inclined structures. The new technology is expected to improve weld-based manufacturing practices, without the need for additional tooling or any type of fixtures or waste materials.

The new invention is part of the University’s research on Ready-to-use Additive Manufacturing (RUAM), a technology that aims to improve industry’s ability to manufacture ready-to-use functional parts for a wide range of applications ranging from small turbine blade repairs to making large aerospace structures.

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Multipurpose Saw Blades for Metal Cutting

The LS Starrett Company has introduced a line of multi-purpose band saw blades named Versatix MP, featuring an exclusive new tooth design that is ideal for interrupted cutting applications in structural steels, tubes and small solids. The new design efficiently dissipates heat during cutting to substantially minimize tooth breakage, and maximize saw blade life.

Starrett Versatix MP Blades feature triple-tempered M-42 cobalt high speed steel teeth, electron-beam welded to a fatigue-resistant alloy steel backing strip. Versatix blades up to 1 inch utilize patented Starrett bi-metal unique technology, an exclusive bonding process that provides stronger, longer-lasting and faster cutting blades.

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Mild Steel Guillotine Shears Feature Four Cutting Edges

LVD Group has introduced new shear models for cutting steel sheets. The company's CS shears are offered in three configurations: CS 6/31; CS 6/40, and CS 13/31. Shearing capacity in mild steel ranges from .250” (6.35 mm) up to .510” (13 mm), depending on model. Cutting length is 122” (3100 mm) on the CS 6/31 and CS 13/31 models, 157” (4000 mm) on CS 6/40.

CS shears feature a motorized backguage range up to 39.3” (1000 mm), and 59” (1.5 m) squaring arm. The CS 13/31 model is also equipped with a front sheet support. The shears provide a parallel-guided shearing action with four cutting edges, allowing “shadow line” cutting.

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New Pipe Plants In Maharashtra

The Maharashtra Government has signed a MoU with Topworth Pipes & Tubes to set up Helical Submerged Arc Welded pipe (HSAW) and Electric Resistance Welded pipe (ERW) plants at Hedvali, near Khopoli in Raigad district.

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