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Binning Divider Strips Help Organize Shelf Content

Team Industry 2.0
October 07, 2012

Outwater, a provider of plastics and architectural products, has unveiled multipurpose standard and “baby” Binning Divider Strips, which enable anyone to readily and economically create reconfigurable compartmentalized horizontal and vertical partitions or dividers for bins, drawers, cabinets, tables or displays in which objects must be segregated.


The products feature raised slots into which dividers of different materials can be temporarily or permanently fitted as necessary.


Both standard and baby binning divider strips are available with or without adhesive backing in black, white, ivory or clear styrene to accommodate the physical and aesthetic requirements of the intended application as well as the environment in which they are to be utilized.


24 River Rd.
Bogota , NJ  07603   USA
Tel:+1- 973-340-1040
Website: www.outwater.com


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