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Honeywell’s Terminal Manager R620 Suits Bulk Terminals

Team Industry 2.0
November 18, 2012

Honeywell has unfurled its next generation of Terminal Manager server software, which will allow bulk terminal operators to integrate any disparate business, operations, safety, security and access control systems into a single control and operating solution.


Terminal Manager R620,  built on Honeywell’s Experion platform, provides full integration with fire and gas, CCTV, access control, Digital Video Manager and Enterprise Building Integrator systems. The software includes the industry’s first configurable workflows for quicker set-up, making Terminal Manager R620 the new standard in terminal integration.


Richard Thompson, General Manager of Honeywell Enraf, commented, “This new release consolidates our latest technological innovations to improve safety, efficiency and reliability into a standard platform.”


Honeywell Enraf’s Terminal Manager is a web-based solution for managing the entire operation in bulk terminals. Built on Microsoft Windows, the solution is designed to monitor and control all critical processes from receipt to dispatch and interfaces with enterprise resource planning (ERP), access control, loading and unloading, workflow management, inventory management, product reconciliation and documentation systems.


The configurable workflows and a modular approach in the latest release significantly reduce the time needed to build the system by minimizing or eliminating the need for customization to specific operations. This enables users to quickly set up the software to give a broad overview and in-depth control of key parameters, such as product availability and movement, tank status, alarms, orders, shipments, shifts, loading bay availability, entries and exits. Other enhanced features in the latest release include an expansion of the supported device library, which allows integration with the majority of industry standard field devices.


“Tighter integration means better control of security, safety, inventory management, reconciliation, order management and workflows. Ultimately, it means operators are more likely to achieve their business goals.” Thompson said.


Honeywell Enraf’s new Terminal Manager R620 is suitable for all bulk terminals and is compliant with the latest Experion PKS SCADA for medium and large size terminals and with Experion HS for smaller terminals.



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