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Model EPL-21-IRLED Light Satisfies Low Voltage Power Requirements

Team Industry 2.0
November 18, 2012

Larson Electronics has unveiled new explosion proof portable infrared LED light for low voltage power requirements.


Suitable for hazardous areas, Model EPL-21-IRLED produces 40° flood beam that is approximately 160  x 125 feet.


The unit is available in 850 Nm configurations for use with general night vision devices and security cameras, or 940 Nm versions for use with military night vision equipment. For low voltage operation, the light has in-line step down transformer to convert 110–277 Vac to 12 V.


The model is constructed with copper-free aluminium shell and impact-resistant tempered glass lens for durability.


Larson Electronics, LLC
9419 E US Hwy. 175
Kemp , TX  75143   USA
Tel:+1- 903-498-3363
Website: www.magnalight.com

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