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Quickparts Launches Rapid Prototyping Solution

Team Industry 2.0
July 30, 2009

Quickparts, the North American provider of custom designed parts has launched the “Pick Your Ship Date” calendar for Stereolithography (SLA) parts. The calendar helps users select their ship date for their SLA.

The Expedia style calendar allows user to take advantage of cost savings should they have some flexibility on the date needed or desired. The customers will now have more control over the pricing and delivery decisions for their projects - as henceforth they will know in advance when to expect their parts.

Patrick Hunter, Vice President (Sales and Marketing), Quickparts, said, “In today’s society we have become accustomed to making decisions very quickly, sometimes instantaneously. At Quickparts, we strive to make every customer’s visit with us the best experience possible. And by offering new technology like the ‘pick your ship date’ calendar, we have empowered the product development community with even more control on the speed in which they receive their parts.”

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