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DISA Shows The Latest Developments In Foundry Technology Through Symposiums

Team Industry 2.0
July 21, 2014

It is time for the industry to bridge this gap by upgrading their manual moulding methods to machine moulding.

DISA India organised three different symposiums in Coimbatore and Kolkata between June 24 and July 01 this year.



On June 24, it was a symposium on DISA CORE 20FP at Coimbatore. The symposium witnessed participation from more than 90 delegates across 43 companies – such as Brakes India Ltd, Aquasub Engg, Lava cast, Cast & Blower, Sandfits, LMW, PSG, Texmaco, CRI, SE Forge, ELGI, Ranba Castings, Texmo and others. Those who showed keen interest in DISA Cold Box Core Shooter, DISA took the liberty of arranging a visit for the small group of key prospective clients from across categories from Coimbatore foundry belt to demonstrate the operation of the DISA CORE 20FP.



The presentation content was much appreciated at the symposium as it was customised to cater the needs and also to sensitise the technology gap, currently faced due to the unavailability of high end technology product manufactured and delivered from Indian manufacturing operation. While Satyanarayana VN from DISA India, took over the company introduction and challenges faced in upgrading manual CORE shop to robotic solutions, Palanichamy and Satyagupta took charge of the technical aspect on CORE making techniques along with DISA CORE 20FP’s key features and benefits, Satish Patil discussed DISA’s after-market support and all the above presentations were summarised by Elango. The symposium was wrapped up with a Q&A round with the delegates followed by a networking dinner.


The second event was a symposium on Complete Foundry Solutions organised in Kolkata on June 27th. This event received a good response from the Howrah-based small and medium foundries with more than 35 delegates from across 22 companies attending the technical presentation. This was also one of the most interactive sessions seen at a symposium conducted by DISA India in recent times.




In the presentation, DISA team emphasised on the need of upgrading manual foundries with DISA ARPA and other DISA HPML solutions. The delegates showed key interest in challenges faced while upgrading existing foundry to a high pressure moulding line. Some of the foundries even requested the DISA team to visit their respective foundries to study the feasibility. The team also emphasised the need for training in order to improve the productivity and avoid break downs.



The last event was conducted on 30th June, 2014 & 1st July, 2014 at Coimbatore, which constituted training on production optimisation and maintenance of DISA MATCH moulding machines for customers based in southern India. The training clocked about 30 key maintenance personnel from across 11 southern regional customers and one delegate from the western region.



The objective of the programme as mentioned above was primarily to train operators and maintenance personnel to operate the DISA MATCH moulding machine in the most efficient way. The programme dealt with the grey zone between machine and foundry technology. The sessions were conducted by Frank Pedersen, Technical Supporter, Global Services, DISA Industries A/S and MLS Raju, AGM- Training & Technical Support, DISA India Limited. Frank Pedersen comes with more than 17 years of experience is an expert with regards to the DISA MATCH whereas; MLS Raju is a key trainer for all DISA products in India and has more than 24 years of experience in DISA India Limited.


Viraj Naidu, Managing Director of DISA Group, when asked about the purpose of these symposiums, replied saying, “In a growing and developing industry like ours we can evidently see the huge gap that prevails regarding knowledge about technology. It is time for the industry to bridge this gap by upgrading their manual moulding methods to machine moulding. Keeping this in mind, we at DISA India find it extremely important to educate our existing and potential customers to take that leap so that optimum results can be achieved. Through these training events and symposiums DISA would like to provide a platform to not only highlight but also to tackle these issues in order to bring about a change in the foundry industry as a whole. The response we have received so far has been nothing less than over-whelming, and we look forward to conducting similar sessions for many more regional customers in the coming months. We hope to receive the same encouragement and participation in the future as well.”



What is your opinion about DISA India's attempts?

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