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5 Steps for Manufacturing Success

Manufacturers need to be internally strong to beat the market cometition. Stringent control of internal processes and prevention of mistakes – ultimately lead to huge savings – by reducing excess of inventory, need for re-work, necessity of extra manpower, risk factors, delayed or wrong delivery and so on.

Real-Time Visibility

Ensure a real-time view of the status of customer orders, inventory position, work-in-process, condition of equipment, availability of manpower and the quality at all stages.Track materials from the receiving point, through production processing, to picking, packing and shipping by lot and serial number as well as by expiration date (if any) and quality control status.

Mistake Prevention

Prevent operational mistakes by providing point-of-action warnings whenever the user is about to make a mistake – such as using the wrong materials or taking up the wrong machining operation.

Right Delivery

Print product and container labels in customer-specific formats. The process can be easily automated. It prevents misplacing the products and their dispatch to wrong addresses.

Rapid Detection

Enable your company to comply with materials traceability and quality assurance mandates by maintaining a history database of all operational transactions to facilitate rapid detection of defects and minimisation of recalls.

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